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Laudamus Te 1st Feb 2009

Laudamus Te

I have always enjoyed Mozart's great masses - in particular the Requiem (which is the piece that got me into classical music) and then the Mass in C minor. This is my attempt to emulate music of this sort. Its fooled one or two people - and was fun to put together. My (slightly bemused) friend Bella Saer (who has done loads of tv music) provided the vocal. Apologies for it being a bit rough around the edges but it was a demo that didn't move forward so I thought I would post it anyhow. Its a "my mum" favourite too - and I look forward to putting the rest of the mass together though this is maybe slightly hypocritical as I don't have a religious bone in my body! I do admire the spirituality of music that use these set texts.

Jack wrote: 22nd Sep 2010

Recently I hounded Katherine Jenkins to have a listen to this track on Twitter and very kindly she did - I heard back her a couple of weeks ago: (link):

Jack,apologies as only for round 2 listening 2your other songs last night.Laudamus Te is beautiful,I will pass it on 2 Warners

Rather chuffed - the power of twitter in a nutshell!

Jack wrote: 21st Mar 2009

Some great comments from the composers over at the Composer to Composer forum. (link)

Absolutely Beautiful! Nice work
Schubert/Mozart, with a slightly modern twist. Very nice, Jack. I'm sorry nobody got to comment on this, but I like this a lot. Especially the double-voice effect near the end!