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Postcards: IV. Corridors 24th Jul 2010


We got to New York after over 3 weeks in Barbados and checked in to the Chelsea Hotel which I had booked after remembering going to visit Keziah Jones back in 1992 and harbouring an ambition to stay there ever since. We had an amazing room right on the top floor of what, at one point, was the tallest building in New York. You couldn't help but feel the magic in the corridors, the tales of excess, the art, the ideas...

The idea for this piece came about when we were in Time Square. It is quite rare for me as the whole idea came in one and I put the initial sketches down on my computer on the flight back to London. I am trying to find out if this validates it as, possibly, the worlds first transatlantic concerto! As I wrote it I had in mind the last movement of Brahms Fourth Symphony with its passacaglia structure. Whether I achieved this I am not so sure but it certainly helped with the compositional process.